Reshaping the teaching-research nexus

Presented by ANU College of Law

The debate about the teaching-research nexus in higher education has a variety of positions on the extent that teaching and research can complement or even detract from each other. Barry Yau, who convenes Commercial Practice in the online GDLP program in the ANU School of Legal Practice, will present his experience in reshaping the teaching-research nexus in the learning environment.

This is in the context of his ongoing qualitative research project into the attitudes of law students and early career commercial lawyers and its relationship to perceptions of legal ethics, work-life balance and wellbeing. In particular, Barry has for the past three years blogged his research findings to his Commercial Practice students. This assists to forge connections with students, some of whom voice anxiety as they suffer low levels of wellbeing whilst making sense of career success in a competitive legal job market. The voices of the research participants in the blog resonate with some students as they consider their own values and priorities in aspiring to be legal professionals."