Research Ethics Seminar: Ethics and Development Studies

In the next installment of our ANU Research Ethics Seminar series, we are pleased to invite Dr Patrick Kilby to speak about Research Ethics and Development Studies.

[ Abstract ]
The issue of obtaining ethics clearance for research in development studies’ interdisciplinary fields is often a cause of frustration and confusion. While this is common across most disciplines, in development studies it is often seen to be more acute given that the research in largely overseas, and is automatically categorised by ethics committees as medium risk regardless of how seemingly benign the research might be. This session does not propose solutions to these dilemmas but rather will give guidance based on the National Statement, to make a case as to why particular development studies research should be considered positively.

[ Bio ]
Dr Patrick Kilby is a Senior Lecturer and convener of the Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development Program at the ANU School of Archaeology and Anthropology and Co-Chair of the ANU Humanities & Social Sciences Delegated Ethics Review Committee. His research interests are: NGOs and NGO accountability; gender and development; managing international development programs; and most recently the story of foreign aid.


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