Private sector partnerships in development: US approaches

In 2012, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) convened the Executive Council on Developmentâ€"a bipartisan group of leaders from government, business, nongovernmental organisations, and philanthropyâ€"to explore how the US government and private sector can work together to support the economic success of developing countries.

In this discussion, Daniel F Runde and Anna Saito Carson of the Project on US Leadership in Development at CSIS will discuss the Council’s findings and the recommendations of their final report, Our shared opportunity: a vision for global prosperity. The report provides a targeted set of recommendations for the US government and private sector, calling for a greater reliance on business, trade, and investment tools to achieve better development outcomes. It also outlines specific recommendations to elevate broad-based growth to the centre of US development policy; align federal agencies with the private sector for better development outcomes; and better leverage business, trade, and investment tools. The speakers will also discuss these principles in the Australian context.

Daniel F Runde is Director of the Project on US Leadership in Development at CSIS.

Anna Saito Carson is Deputy Director for Outreach of the Project on US Leadership in Development at CSIS.

This public lecture is presented by the Development Policy Centre at Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University.

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