Postmodern Jukebox - Welcome to The Twenties 2.0 Tour

Presented by: TEG Dainty, Nice Events & David Roy Williams

Postmodern Jukebox will return to Australia in September 2019 following four hugely successful tours in as many years.

To usher in the upcoming Twenty-Twenties, the famed time-twisting musical collective will circumnavigate the globe on their Welcome to the Twenties 2.0 Tour. The tour is meant to prepare the world for a new decade - one that Postmodern Jukebox creator Scott Bradlee hopes will see a return to the style and craftsmanship that typified the music of past generations.

"Last time around the 'Twenties gave us Jazz, America's one true art form. Who knows what is possible in the 2020s?" says Bradlee. "Get ready for the most sensational '20s party this side of The Great Gatsby."

For venue information, visit the Llewellyn Hall website.