Positioning for strategic recovery post-COVID-19 - Online Professional Development

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Australia faces a deeply uncertain future. Post-COVID-19, we will need to navigate a very difficult fiscal environment – domestically and further afield; with shifts in regional power dynamics; and the potential for failed states in the region. This has the potential to exacerbate existing national security issues, and create new ones.

Hear from George Megalogenis, Dr Anthea Roberts and Professor Rory Medcalf on how we might navigate the choppy waters ahead. Gain fresh perspectives and a deeper understanding of how Australia can leverage its middle power status to help facilitate stability in the region and security at home, and how everyone in the broad national security community will need to play a role.
Participants will leave with:

An improved understanding of the strategic challenges facing Australia and the Indo-Pacific region as a result of COVID-19, particularly as it pertains to national security; and
Ideas on how to best position for strategic recovery.