Poaching and wildlife crime in southern Africa

Presented by ANU College of Law

This presentation looks at wildlife crime in southern Africa, with particular focus on South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe - drawing from Professor Williams' recent research visit to the area. The presentation also looks at why the international illegal trade in wildlife is estimated to be worth US$23 billion a year, who facilitates it, and who benefits.

An important question is whether Australia could be doing more to limit the trade.

About the speaker
Clive Williams MG had a career in Defence intelligence and security to 2002. He was Director of the forerunner organisation to today's Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation and was Director of Security Intelligence. Since leaving Defence he has been based at ANU and has run Masters courses on national security-related issues at ANU and at other Australian and overseas universities. He works part of the year overseas.