New directions for asylum seeker policies?

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Australian discussion of asylum seekers is polarised between slogans of 'Stop the Boats' and 'Bring them here'. Both sides have good arguments - and both have their blind spots. And both are ill-prepared for surprises that emerge from a careful look at the details: in how most asylum seekers reach Australia; in changing public attitudes; in what policies work, and which do more damage than good.  

This seminar is based on Tony Ward's new book Bridging Troubled Waters: Australia and Asylum Seekers. Drawing on a wide range of evidence, it presents new insights on how best to approach a major issue for Australia's future.  

About the speaker

Tony Ward is, since 2011, a research fellow in History at the University of Melbourne. He has published widely in social economics, history, and sports history, and has a long term interest in asylum seeker issues.  

Tony was previously the principal of an economics consulting business, and prior to that held senior positions in the Victorian Public Service. He has a PhD from Monash University.