Natural capitalism and the new economy in the Anthropocene

Humanity has entered a new era, the Anthropocene, one in which we are living beyond planetary boundaries, yet failing to meet the minimum standards to ensure human dignity and prosperity for all. In this talk, Hunter Lovins will discuss a new global alliance - The Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity (ASAP) - that is engaged in crafting a new economy that works for 100 per cent of humanity.

ASAP is replicating the strategy of change that created and installed the current global economic paradigm. The current paradigm idolises competition, when what is needed is shared prosperity. It celebrates corporate control when people prefer community coherence. It asserts market fundamentalism when Natural Capitalism can better deliver an economy in service to life. ASAP aims to create a new intellectual architecture of an economy based on the primacy of citizen’s well-being, equity, a healthy environment, and real democratic institutions.

Lovins is the founder and President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, and Professor of sustainable management at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Bard College, and De Tao Academy in Beijing and Shanghai.

In an academic career spanning four decades she has addressed the US Congress, various parliaments around the world, the World Economic Forum, the World Summit on Sustainable Development, and hundreds of major conferences. She was named Millennium Hero for the Planet by Time magazine and called ‘the green business icon’ by Newsweek.

Lovins has received the Sustainability Pioneer Award given by the European financial community, the Right Livelihood Award (alternative Nobel), the Leadership in Business Award, the Rachel Carson Award and dozens of other honors including being inducted into the Sustainability Hall of Fame by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

She has advised governments from Afghanistan to New Zealand on economic development. In 2006 she accepted an advisory role to the Minister of Energy of Afghanistan and in 2012 to the King and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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