Mia Freedman in conversation with Zoya Patel on Mia's new book, Work Strife Balance


Mia Freedman looms large in the Australian media sphere as the co-founder and Creative Director of the Mamamia Women's Network. In her new book, Work Strife Balance, she shares her most mortifying slip-ups in life, love and work, and how they came to shape the person she is today. "At Mamamia we call it FLEARNING - failing and learning. Learning through failing. In my teens, 20s, 30s and 40s, I've done a lot of both.
I want this book to be helpful to every woman. And I know from experience the best way to be helpful is to be honest. It's easy to share your successes and your triumphs but the real stuff of life is far less transient: Eating disorders. Grief. Divorce. Losing a job. Losing a loved one. Losing your mind. Infertility. None of these things have rituals. In an age of social media brag-fests they mostly exist underground . But the way women connect is by sharing failures, disappointments and insecurities. Quietly. Privately. Over wine. Over text. Over fences. Female connections are forged through vulnerability not Facebook brags". Mia Freedman
"Whenever women are honest about their struggles, they give other women a gift. Mia delivers." Elizabeth Gilbert

"Mia Freedman's achievements as a relentless innovator in media are profound, but the real marvel is that she can still write a book like this. Funny, raw, fierce and - at heart - profoundly generous." Annabel Crabb

About the speakers

Mia Freedman is a writer, broadcaster, author, columnist, a former editor of Cosmopolitan and Channel Nine presenter and executive and a digital empire builder. Mia is the co-founder and creative director of the Mamamia Media Company - Australia's largest women's digital media and podcast company. Mamamia women's media network is a juggernaut with a huge national profile among Australian women of all generations, 100 employees in five global offices and a monthly audience of over four million. Mia makes regular appearances on TV and radio and is the author of three books. She is married with three children and lives in Sydney.

Zoya Patel founded Feminartsy in 2014, following four years as Editor-In-Chief of Lip Magazine. She has been writing about feminist issues for over a decade, and has had work published in a number of publications including Right Now, iD.co, Junkee and more. Zoya was Highly Commended in the Scribe Publishing Non-Fiction Prize 2015, was the 2014 recipient of the Anne Edgeworth Young Writers' Fellowship, and was named the 2015 ACT Young Woman of the Year. She is represented by Curtis Brown Australia.

This event is free. Pre-book signings at 6pm and after the conversation at 7.30pm.

Please note that Mia Freedman will now be in conversation with Zoya Patel, founder of Feminartsy, an online feminist literature and arts journal.