Measuring Earth's Gravity, across ACT

Measuring Earth's Gravity at your homes across the Australia Capital Territory, as part of National Science Week 2020!

In this Young Stars session, we will measure gravity across the Australian Capital Territory. We will do this with help from young stars from across the region.

How will we do this? Pendulums, lots and lots of pendulums!

Suitable for ages 6-12+.

Disclaimer: Parental supervision required to avoid hazards related to small parts.

DIY At Home Experiment

We will provide the experimental apparatus to the registered participants in the ACT ahead of the session, on Saturday, 15 Aug. You will be able to do a simple DIY experiment from your home, and we will all do it together at the same time through Zoom. Together, we will measure gravity across the ACT.

Who knows what we might find!

All you will need are simple pendulums bobs, some string, and lots of excitement. We will share a simple instructional manual with participants ahead of the event.

Registrations - ACT Residents:

  • ACT residents will be able to collect the apparatus on Saturday, 15 Aug (tentatively)
  • Participation in this session will be on a first-come best-dressed basis
  • Register using the RSVP ACT ticket on Eventbrit

Registrations, non-ACT residents:

  • You can still participate, but you will need to procure your own pendulum & string
  • You will be able to join us via Zoom at the same time as ACT residents
  • Register using the General Zoom Only ticket on Eventbrite

More details to follow in the upcoming weeks.

Closing Date: Registrations will close on Fri, 14 Aug, 5 pm.

Zoom Details: Will be shared on Wed, 19 Aug, 7 pm.

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