Lightworks, Interval and Watershed: Three Exhibitions at the Drill Hall Gallery

Three exhibitions at the Drill Hall Gallery, showing from October 2 to November 29 2020

Lightworks: Lesley Dumbrell, Trevor Vickers, Virginia Coventry, Richard Dunn
When two colours are juxtaposed, they evoke a quality of light common to them both. This realisation is fundamental to all paintings which aim to produce illusions of light, space and atmosphere. Matisse once said, “Colour helps to express light – not the physical phenomenon, but the only light that really exists, that of the artist’s brain.” Lightworks is guest curated by Charles Nodrum.

Hannah Gason: Interval
“I chose the title ‘Interval’ because it defines both time and space and the period between times and the space between points,” - Hannah Gason. Interval is guest curated by Helen Maxwell.

Watershed: David Stephenson and Martin Walch
A collaboration by David Stephenson and Martin Walch, Watershed is a dazzling and thought-provoking video installation, journeying through waterways from virgin forest to industrialised Hobart.

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