Lecture: Alternative Visions for Australia’s Future, delivered by the Hon Dr Kevin Rudd

Following the systematic political turmoil that has accompanied the last six years of Australian governance, what now for Australia's long-term future?

Having recently released his autobiography Kevin Rudd - The PM Years, the Hon Kevin Rudd AC will join with The Australian National University to discuss alternative visions for Australia's future.

Like many countries, Australia is in danger of being overwhelmed by the deep structural forces now driving profound global change. These are systemic, in nature. Due to these unprecedented challenges now bearing down upon us, it is time to begin a discussion on possible policy alternatives and whether we are prepared to embrace a bold vision to craft a long-term future for our country. 

Mr Rudd served as Australia's Prime Minister and Foreign Minister from 2007-2013, has lived and worked in China and Sweden as a diplomat and is currently President of the Asia Society Policy Institute in New York.

Mr Rudd graduated from ANU in 1981 Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) (Hons) and was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa in 2016.