Landscape transformation: Impact on butterflies and beetles in South-Eastern Australia

While agricultural pastures may have high biodiversity potential in fragmented landscapes, in many areas around the world, tree plantations are replacing them. Such transformations are likely to impact the distribution of patch-associated species and those that occur more broadly across the landscape.

Nici will be highlighting the results of her research, which focused on; 1) assessing how the matrix is included in fragmentation studies on butterflies, 2) quantifying the distribution and abundance of butterflies and beetles in a landscape of remnant patches surrounded by farmland and plantations, and 3) investigating mechanisms behind butterfly responses to different edge types.

About the speaker

Nici is currently completing her PhD at ANU. During the years since finishing her undergraduate degree in Zoology, she has enjoyed working with Fairy Wrens in Canberra, Fiddler Crabs in Darwin, Condors in Argentina and beetles in Victoria. At work she has a particular interest in habitat fragmentation research, and at home loves skiing, cooking, being a personal trainer, and looking up at the clouds with her eight month old son.