Indian economy and business update 2014

To mark its twentieth anniversary, the Australia South Asia Research Centre (ASARC) is organising a one-day ‘Indian economy and business update’ workshop. This workshop comes at a crucial time in India following the election of a new government. The workshop will feature talks from established economists and young researchers from Australia and India.

ASARC at ANU was inaugurated in April 1994 by a past-President of India, His Excellency Dr K R Narayanan. ASARC is part of the Arndt-Corden Department of Economics. Since then it has been at the forefront of Australian research into the economics of the South Asia region. Academic staff of ASARC have published countless papers in leading economics journals and books on Indian economic issues, supervised many PhD students and won major research grants and consultancy projects. ASARC also hosts the annual K R Narayanan Oration to honor India’s past president.

For registration go to the website.