Health and national security - Online Professional Development

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

The COVID-19 crisis has brought into sharp focus the extent to which health impacts stability, prosperity and human security. But is it a national security issue? Hear from key thinkers on the merits and risks in such framing.
Many experts have cautioned against ‘securitising’ issues not typically considered in the remit of national security, but the significant strategic impact of COVID-19 has meant health is now front of mind for many national security policy and decision makers. Has it been central enough in our strategic thinking in the past? How might we shift our thinking moving forward?

Hear from Jane Halton AO PSM, Dr Nicholas Thomson, Elizabeth Kelly PSM and Professor Rory Medcalf on ways in which national security policy and decision makers might sensibly factor health into strategic thinking in the future.

The session will touch on the risk of future pandemics but also our national stockpile, medical supply chains, the appropriateness of using national security infrastructure to combat health risks, the prickly issue of multilateral cooperation, and the complex interface between social policy and national security.
Participants will leave with:

Greater understanding of the complex interface between health and national security
Ideas on how to factor health into national security strategy, policy and decision making into the future.