Global Politics in an era of National Populism

PricewaterhousCoopers (PwC) in partnership with ANU Centre for European Studies present this public lecture on Global Politics in an era of National Populism by Lord Jack McConnell.

Lord Jack McConnell is the former First Minister of Scotland from 2001-2007. Prior to that he also held positions of Finance Minister and Education Minister. He is now a peer in the House of Lords. Jack's key achievements in office include reforming the Scottish Qualifications Authority, being the first part of the UK to implement a ban on smoking in public spaces, introducing wide ranging education reforms and encouraging economic migration to Scotland to help tackle declining and ageing population

Today, Jack continues his work to tackle poverty in Africa, developing the special relationship Scotland has with Malawi, promoting the UK's relationship with China and is the UK Ambassador for Action for Children. He is also a member of the PwC Advisory Board. Jack has wide ranging interests in education reform, international affairs, conflict and development. He also can talk to operating in the UK post Brexit and global politics in the era of Trump amongst other current issues in the global political landscape.