Farewell to Arms- Countries with No Standing Army

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

webinar to mark the 72nd Anniversary of the abolition of the Army in Costa Rica.
Twenty-three countries have no standing army. In some cases, their defence is the responsibility of another country or regional entity. Others have agreements with larger or more powerful allies. Yet others operate with limited armed forces responsible for police and maritime surveillance. Join us for a webinar hosted by Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies, with the support of Pacific Institute, the University of New South Wales, the Embassy of Costa Rica and the High Commission of Solomon Islands, to examine the experience of two countries in different hemispheres, which have no standing army: Costa Rica and the Solomon Islands. It will consider why they decided on this this path, what risks it may expose them to and how they maintain their security.
Noel Campbell (Associate Director ANCLAS)