Domestic, family and sexual violence training

This is your opportunity to hear from Sarah Gillett (DVCS Team Leader) and Sue Webeck (ANU Respectful Relationships Unit) about domestic, family and sexual violence, how to respond to disclosure and what to do as a bystander. 

There are four separate sessions each focusing on a different area. All sessions run for 30 minutes. $10 per session or FREE for ANU staff and students.

Session 1: Being a Bystander to sexual assault, domestic and family violence on Monday 30 November at 1pm

Session 2: Domestic and family violence 101 on Wednesday 2 December at 1pm

Session 3: Responding to disclosure of sexual assault, domestic or family violence on Monday 7 December at 1pm

Session 4: Sexual Assault 101 on Wednesday 9 December at 1pm

Register for the sessions here.

International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women Lunch: QT Hotel, Canberra, Wednesday 25 November at 12pm. $110 per person. Register here.

Respectful Relationships at ANU

The Respectful Relationships Unit is a culmination of the University's commitment to providing a safe and respectful campus for the entire ANU community. For more information, or to access support services, please visit the Respectful Relationships Unit webpage

If you or someone you know at ANU is experiencing family or domestic violence the ANU can provide practical support through leave arrangements find out more here.