Debate: Can you ever truly separate art from the artist?

The ANU Learning Communities present this free event in collaboration with ANU Advancement (ANU Alumni).

Against the backdrop of the #metoo movement, the conviction of abusers and pushback against misogyny throughout history, how do we separate art from the artist and should we?

Hosted by Double J's Zan Rowe, this event aims to challenge your thinking and moral perspectives.

We have a wonderful panel lined up to debate this issue:

Professor Denise Ferris, Head of ANU School of Art & Design

Dr Kim Cunio, Head of ANU School of Music

Dr Robert Wellington, Lecturer at the ANU Centre for Art History and Theory

Dr Monique Rooney, Convenor of the ANU Screen Studies program and Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Ray Mardia, Lawyer and Writer and ANU Alumna

David Caffery, Director of both Art, Not Apart Festival and Dionysus and ANU Alumnus. 

This event is free and open to the public. Please register here