COVIDSafe: 4 Weeks In

Launched on ANZAC Day weekend, the COVIDSafe app is one of the fastest-downloaded apps in Australian history, but has also been the source of much controversy. A month in, we now know more about the app itself, the legislation supporting it, and the alternatives available around the world. It's possible to make an informed assessment of where we are, and where we need to go from here.

Join a panel of experts from epidemiology, law, philosophy, and cybersecurity to discuss the COVIDSafe app, and the broader role of technology in the response to COVID-19. We'll go into the evidence base for app-enhanced contact tracing, as well as the risks posed by these apps to privacy and other values, and how those risks can been mitigated--operationally, legally, and technologically. We'll also consider what steps to take next, and, perhaps most importantly, how we should decide.

The panel, chaired by Professor Seth Lazar (Philosophy, ANU), will feature Dr Katharine Kemp (Law, UNSW), Dr Meru Sheel (Epidemiology, ANU), Associate Professor James Wood (Epidemiology, UNSW) and Associate Professor Vanessa Teague (Thinking CyberSecurity).

This event is hosted by the HMI project at ANU, and the Australian Academy of Science.