Conversations Across the Creek | Skullbook: A Digital Bone Library of Animal Skulls at the ANU

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Conversations Across the Creek is an initiative by the Humanities Research Centre (HRC) and the Research School of Chemistry (RSC) to provide a space for continuing dialogue among scientists, social scientists, and humanities scholars. Meetings are held monthly, with the aim of stimulating and unearthing research and teaching collaborations across the university.

Join us for the first Conversation for 2019, where three diverse scholars present on their latest research. The topic of this event is Skullbook: A Digital Bone Library of Animal Skulls at the ANU.

Among the rich collections managed by the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at the ANU is a teaching and research reference collection of faunal skeletal remains. In this panel, an interdisciplinary research group will discuss different aspects of a project involving the scanning of a small representative sample of this collection, producing digital and 3D-printed bone library: Skullbook. For the digital humanists, the excitement lies in the involved skill-based training students can engage in in the process of creating 3D scans, to managing data, and printing the results. For the archaeologists, the 3D-printed bones, and their digital counterparts, will be made available for formal teaching, outreach activities, or independent study.

Speakers include:

Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller
Centre for Digital Humanities Research

Dr Sofia Samper Carro
School of Archarology and Anthropology

Renee Dixson
PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Research program

Please register here. Light lunch will be provided.