Climate Update 2019 - Sydney

Climate Update 2019 - Sydney will present an overview of how our climate is changing and how we are responding to these changes in Australia and around the world. You'll hear from experts, practitioners and leading commentators, including from ANU and UTS.

Part 1 will summarise the latest climate research, including a snapshot of newly released data on how our climate changed in 2018. Part 2 will discuss economic opportunities and risks around climate action, effective climate communication and adaptation options.

Part 1 - State of the Climate

Global Climate Overview 2018 - Prof Mark Howden, Director, ANU Climate Change Institute

Audience Q&A

Part 2 - Responding to Climate Change

Global economic gains from complying with Paris Climate Agreement - Prof Tom Kompas, ANU & University of Melbourne

Climate risk & opportunities: regulatory requirements around climate change – Ms Cathie Armour, Commissioner, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Communicating climate change: Appeals to the public(s) - Dr Bec Colvin, ANU Climate Change Institute

Helping communities adapt to climate change - Assoc Prof Brent Jacobs, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS

Audience Q&A

8.15pm - Drinks and light refreshments will be served after the close of the event.

The event is a collaboration between the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS and the Australian National University's Climate Change Institute. It is a part of a series of Climate Update events organised by the Climate Change Institute, taking place in Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney.

Please only register if you genuinely intend to come to this event. If you find out later that you're unable to attend, please log in and cancel your tickets or you can email us at