Classifying and Mapping Health, Psychosocial, and Disability Services

Presented by ANU College of Health & Medicine

A Centre for Mental Health Research event in the 2019 Cross-College series on Health and Social Systems

Mapping health, disability and social services can provide critical information to help us make better informed decisions when planning health services. But how do we build and use these maps?

Our expert presenters have loads of practical experience gathering, classifying, mapping and analysing Australian health and social care services, and population, social and demographic data, to improve understanding of care services and their usage.

What will you learn at this workshop?

  • How to analyse and classify health, disability and social services
  • How to map health, disability and social services to support better evidence-based decision making
  • How you can use Lego® to help you understand diversity in a health ecosystem
  • How to build and interpret maps/atlases of health, disability and social services using DESDE
  • How to use integrated atlas information for better health policy and planning

Who should attend?

  • Primary Health Network, Local Health District and state and federal government policy decision makers and planners
  • Non-Government and Community sector professionals working in health and social services
  • University academic staff, professional staff and student

Download program here
(last updated 2 July 2019)