Chat 10 Looks 3 Live


It's Christmas time in Canberra. Every Dash-8 in the place is loaded with politicians and staffers fleeing for the summer. But two foolhardy individuals are swimming against the tide: It's Crabb and Sales, back for their customary ANU summary of their year in books, films, recipes, podcasts and life blunders.

Every year, they fear that there won't be enough idiocy to fill the "Twelve Days Of Christmas In Australian Politics" and yet, every year, they are proved horribly wrong.

So: Whether you're a Quiet Australian, a Loud Australian or an Australian Who Gets A Bit Finger Pointy After Two Sauvignon Blancs, strike now for tickets to this disturbingly cultish event. Get in quick, because tickets go fast. Yes, all they do is sit on stage, tease Brian Schmidt and talk rubbish. Yes, it is funny the things people will pay to see.