Changing landscape of a digitised world: Are you ready?

Presented by ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science Dean's Colloquium presents
Monique Morrow, CTO - Evangelist for New Frontiers Development and Engineering at Cisco

We are living in a society where change is exponential - perhaps it has always been.

What types of technologies will be foundational to our business? 

The disruption of Blockchain to data and databases parallels the disruption of the Internet to communications and networks.  From Wall Street to Fintech Accelerators, incredible investments at Blockchain have led to incredible speed of innovation. 

This disruption is now ready to penetrate enterprise IT. 

Against a backdrop of difficult-to-solve staffing and employment issues, companies are increasingly turning to technology.

More than half of companies have devised a strategy to address workforce, but less than one-quarter have deployed it.

Robotics technology is being used to free highly skilled physical workers to focus their talents on where they are needed and Artificial Intelligence has the potential to displace mid-ranking clerical workers.

In this talk Monique Morrow, CTO of New Frontiers Engineering at Cisco, will examine the implications of these emerging technologies to digital transformation and workforce skills.

About the speaker

Monique Morrow has a track record of co-innovating with customers that has transcended the globe from North America, Europe and Asia.

Her current focus in on the intersection between research - economics-technology to portfolio execution e.g. Circular and Exponential Economies as examples. Defining mechanisms and marketplace scenarios for cloud federation constructs to include security are areas she has also been working on.

Monique is passionate about the humanitarian use of technology, in addition to exploring the use of AI/VR to create a people neutral system that is both experiential and ethical without losing the beauty of randomness in our human behavior.

She is currently co-leading the new Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Ethical Considerations in Autonomous Systems Mixed Reality Committee.

Monique believes developing the use of blockchain to create identity as a service is a truly exciting field. Applying humanistic, and purposeful values in an organization is Monique's modus operandi. Privacy that is understood by all members of our ecosystem is foundational to Monique's work. The possibilities to transform our society are so ever vast and why not try?