Canberra Moon Week: public lectures and talks


Enjoy a series of public lectures and pop-up talks which cover all things space including history, the pulses of the Moon and Mars, space technology, health and law by leading experts in the field.

Space: past, present and future 
Thursday 18 July, 7-8.30pm

For one night only, join Dr Andy Thomas, Australian Astronaut and a panel of leading space experts for a conversation about space: past, present and future. Hear about Dr Thomas' time in space, moving without gravity and some of the projects pushing the frontiers of space discovery. 

Presentation: The NASA Communications Switching Centre
Friday 19 July, 9.30-10.30am

The NASA Communications Switching Centre was established at 107 Kent St Deakin in the second half of 1965. It was the central point for control of all communications between Australia and NASA centres, including Houston, for the Apollo program. The building is now known as the Deakin Telephone Exchange, and as part of the of the Apollo 11 Anniversary celebrations a plaque will be unveiled commemorating 107 Kent Street's role in Manned Space exploration. Q&A session at conclusion of the presentations.

Extraterrestrial Seismology: Listening to the Pulse of the Moon and Mars
Friday 19 & Saturday 20 July, 1-2pm

In the frame of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, we will train our ears, and eyes, to recognize the Earth, Moon and Mars from their pulses. Listening to the pulse of these planets is a path towards understanding the formation and evolution of the inner solar system.

Space Technology
Friday 19 July, 2.30-3.30pm

50 years ago, humans first set foot on the Moon.  What will we be celebrating in the next 50 years?  And what do we need to build and invent to get there?  Hear from leading scientists at NASA and Australia to see what is being developed to lead to the next big space achievements. 

Space in the Pub: One Giant Leap 
Friday 19 July, 8-10.30pm

Enjoy a beverage at Badger and Co as we take-off with a free Q&A event moderated by ABC Radio Canberra's Lish Fejer and a panel of experts who will share their views on the future of space exploration and the global space industry. This is your chance to hear from a Nobel Laureate, local politician and NASA specialists - all with a keen interest in space.

Space Pop-up talk #1: Space storytelling
Saturday 20 July, 1-1.30pm

Join artists and storytellers from NASA and ANU to learn how we turn scientific space discoveries into stories the public can understand and enjoy.

Space Pop-up talk #2: Moon geology
Saturday 20 July, 1.45-2.15pm

Hear from Dr Everett Gibson from NASA and ANU scientists who were in charge of analyzing the rocks from the Moon collected by the Apollo astronauts and learn about the secrets they have unlocked of the Moon.

Space Pop-up talk #3: Space Health
Saturday 20 July, 2.30-3pm

Join a panel of Australia's leading experts on space health for an interactive talk about the physical and mental health issues astronauts have encountered and what it means for future space explorers!

Space Pop-up talk #4: Space Technology
Satuday 20 July, 3.15-3.45pm

How will humans get back to the Moon by 2024? What technology will be needed to get there? Join Professor Christine Charles (ANU) and Chris Culbert (NASA) as they talk about the technology needed to see humans' return to the Moon.

Space Pop-up talk #5: Space law
Saturday 20 July, 4-4.30pm

Space piracy is a real worry of the future.  The law and regulation of space is a difficult one. Hear from representatives from the Australian Space Agency and private space companies about the issues of future space exploration and travel.

Public lecture: the Astronomy and Navigation of Aboriginal Australians
Saturday 20 July, 6.30-7.30pm

Professor Ray Norris will share the rich astronomical traditions Indigenous Australians have used for thousands of years to construct calendars, songlines, and other navigational tools, enabling them to navigate across the country, trading artefacts and sacred stories.


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Presented in partnership with ACT Government.