Brianne Curran + Phage Trio performance

SoundOut Series #2 2019

Brianne Curran Solo violin

+ Phage trio
Ben Drury: double bass
Brian McNamarra: invented electronics
Richard Johnson: soprano and baritone sax
Rhys Butler: alto saxophone (if he can make it)

Drill Hall Gallery Saturday 29th June
Tickets @ the door
Conc $10
full $15

We are proud to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work, live and learn, the Ngunnawal and Ngambri People. May we continue to celebrate and commend the rich depth of knowledge from the oldest continuing cultures in the world.

Brianne Curran, is an improvising violinist from Sydney, Australia now based in Berlin. Having played the instrument since the age of 3, she has a background in numerous musical fields but her focus is on improvised music and its tangeants. Relationship between artist, environment and audience is of major interest in her approach to music making and its developments. Also of interest is how to break the box of ‘the violinist’. From 2004 she lived in the ACT and then the Blue Mountains in NSW. During this time she focused herself out in the Australian bush often in isolation, exploring ways to express and connect with the surrounding landscape, the moment, and space through music. She returned to her home town to complete her Bachelor Degree in Music (performance) as a scholarship holder in 2008 (ANU/AIM). Back in Sydney, Brianne got in touch with projects such as the Splinter Orchestra and the Nownow festival, initiatives founded by double bassist Clayton Thomas. For 6 years she was band leader and manager of world/jazz quintet Takadimi founded in 2009. The band toured extensively throughout NSW and the East Coast of Australia, and released their debut album New Common Sense through MGM in 2011. The group gained widespread recognition throughout Australia via the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and numerous other radio stations and press around the country, such as national newspaper The Australian. Since moving to Europe in 2015, she has performed at such festivals as the Krakow Jazz Autumn Festival (POL), Ad Libitum (POL), Musica Privata (POL), Mirror Mirror Festspiele (DE). She has also performed at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival (AUS), and the Nownow Festival (AUS). Currently, she works regularly with the Krakow Improvisers Orchestra, and Andrew Lafkas’ Model Infinity Through Listening and Action Orchestra, and also in numerous projects with saxophonist/clarinetist of the second generation of European Improvisers; Luc Houtkamp. Her first solo release ‘Stalin and the Berlin bush’ was for the National Film and Sound Archive Australia (2015). Brianne’s teachers have been Mr Yasuki Nakamura, Janet Davies, Jane Brownlee, Chris Duncan, Shi Yuan Jur, Shaykh Ibrahim Al Ansari, Adrian Keating, and Greg Coffin.

Benjamin Drury: double bass
Ben is a Canberra-based composer, improviser and sound artist. His practice deals with experimental, popular and classical music, in performance and composition. His work as a composer is concerned with acoustics, noise and quiet sounds. He is a member of the ANU Experimental Music Studio and New Music Ensemble as a performer and composer and has worked with Ensemble Offspring, The NOISE and the ANU Chamber Orchestra as a composer. His work is beginning to move outside of traditional forms and venues, focusing more on alternative and experimental ways of presenting new music, including the site-specific installation ‘Pieces for Cars Tunnel and Hexagonal vents’ as part of the You Are Here Festival in May of 2016 and some generative and interactive electroacoustic works. He has also performed in the Canberra International Music Festival, the SoundOut festival, the International Conference of Auditory Design, Electrofringe and Art Not Apart. His first album Sentence Fragment Consider Revising is coming out in 2017.

Brian McNamara: electronic Sound art, Canberra

Brian is an experimental instrument builder and sound sculpture artist based in Canberra, Australia. He mixes his passions for music, electronics and sculpture into unique objects that should need no explanation to play or experience but convey a deeper meaning in the context of their surroundings. Brian builds and performs with a range of experimental instruments, with a focus on both autonomous soundart sculptures and interactive installation instruments that require the engagement of multiple people or unusual kinetic movements to be played. His instruments include computer programmed elements, percussion, found sounds from used electronics and purpose designed oscillators. A key feature of his work is audience movement and participation. Art functions best when the art space is inclusive of the public so through his exploration of experimental sounds he uses engagement with the audience as a medium to convey ideas. These explorations include the link between the environment and technology, our own movement around the planet with movement of those fleeing war torn areas and the link between our own minds and those we try to create in machines.

Richard Johnson: wind instruments – Canberra

Richard performs with the texture of sound on soprano/baritone saxophone and bass clarinet and is experimenting with use of a bass drum with soprano saxophone to create a language of microtonal textural resonance. Also he has been making instruments from conical gourds from PNG, which allow the stripping back of the wind instruments to their most visceral and most sensuous form and allow for the exploration of extended techniques. He has performed at the SoundOut 2010 – 2016 festivals; What is Music Festival, Nownow Festival; the Make it Now performances; also performances with the Brice Glace Ensemble and the 102 Club Orkestra in Grenoble France; “Whip it“ series in Sydney; various Precipice annual Improv workshops hosted by Tony Osbourne as well as hosting local/interstate/international improvisation nights in Canberra. He is the Director/Curator/Producer/Administrator at SoundOut festivals. As a sound artist he worked with renowned visual Artist Savanhdary Vongpoothorn for the Australia Exhibition at The Casula Power House as well collaborated with conceptual-visual artist Denise Higgins on soundscapes. He has performed with the likes of Jaap Blonk, Jon Rose, Hans Koch, Guylaine Cosseron, Jim Denley, Kim Myhr, Annette Giesreigl, Rodrigo Motoya, Antonio Panda Gianfratti, Thomas Rohrer, Luc Houtkamp, Clayton Thomas, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Yan Jun, Laura Altman, Michael Norris, Evan Dorian, etc. Currently performs in a wind trio with John Porter and Rhys Butler called Psithurism, which has a digital release with the renowned Canadian clarinetist Francois Houle and a new Cd release called Lure on the SoundOut label with Xavier Charles in 2017 SO-003. Also in June 2016 released Cd with Rhys Butler; Guylaine Cosseron and Stephen Roach called Swarm on SoundOut Cd’s SO-001. Lure CD Review:

Rhys Butler: alto sax – Canberra

Rhys has come to know the cities he has lived in through improvised and noise music. The trio Dinner Sock (Stephen Roach (drums), David Keyton (feedback), and Rhys Butler (saxophones)) formed from the weekly Fugue State Sessions in Guanzhou. The group performed with local experimenters such as Yan Jun, Feng Hao and Li Zenghui and collaborated with musicians transiting China such as Uwe Bastiansen (Faust) and Lucas Abela. Despite living in different corners of the world, Dinner Sock has continued to participate in China's experimental music scene and played Beijing's Sally Can't Dance festival and NOIShanghai in 2012. In Santiago, Chile, Rhys participated in events run by Productura Mutante and played in the free-for-all Collective Improvisation NO. Now residing in Canberra, Rhys has been working in a duo with Reuben Ingall (live processing). More recently he has been part of the Psithurism trio with John Porter and Richard Johnson, which have a new release called Lure out with French clarinetist Xavier Charles. See the SoundOut bandcamp and Francois Houle site in the following links: