Book launch - Law and Democracy: Contemporary Questions

Presented by ANU College of Law

Law and Democracy: Contemporary Questions, edited by Glenn Patmore and Kim Rubenstein, provides a fresh understanding of law’s regulation of Australian democracy. The book, which evolved from a Centre for International and Public Law's annual Public Law Weekend conference, enriches public law scholarship, deepening and challenging the current conceptions of law’s regulation of popular participation and legal representation.

Examining the regulation of democracy, the book scrutinises the assumptions and scope of constitutional democracy and enhances our understanding of the frontiers of accountability and responsible government. In addition, key issues of law, culture and democracy are revealed in their socio-legal context.

The book brings together emerging and established scholars and practitioners with expertise in public law and will be of interest to those studying law, politics, cultural studies and contemporary history.

Glenn Patmore is presently researching in the fields of democratic theory and practice, constitutional law, industrial law, human rights and republicanism. His book, Choosing the Republic (UNSW Press), was published in 2009 and he continues to write on the topic of Australian republicanism and constitutional change.

Kim Rubenstein’s current research includes two Australian Research Council projects; one looking at the role of the Federal Court as an archive, and the other looking at active citizenship through theoral histories of Trailblazing Women Lawyers. She is the co-series editor of the Cambridge University Press series Connecting International with Public Law. Her landmark book, Australian Citizenship Law is being published as a new edition in 2015 by Thomson Reuters.