Australia: The Renewable Energy Superstar

Australia is installing solar & wind five times faster per capita than the EU, Japan, USA or China. Our deployment rate is fast enough to reach 50% renewable electricity in 2024. This has enormous implications for climate change mitigation, given that 85% of Australian (and global) emissions can be prevented by deep renewable electrification. Australia's emissions will start falling from 2019 at a rapid rate, due to displacement of black coal burning by wind and solar PV. Australia is on track to meet its Paris targets five years early and can achieve deep emissions reductions during the 2020s. Other countries will be able to follow our lead.

Energy experts, from Australia and overseas, are attending a workshop at the Australian National University to consider 100% renewable energy futures and meeting climate goals over Wednesday to Friday 13 - 15 February 2018. Several workshop delegates will present an overview of the renewables revolution at this public lecture.

5.30pm Finger food and drinks served in the foyer
6.00pm Welcome by Professor Andrew Blakers, Research School of Engineering, ANU
4 to 6 speakers (TBC)
7.00pm Q&A
7.15pm Close