ANU Lunch Vox- Remote or Isolated: The Student Experience

When eventually, we can put the current Covid crisis behind us, what will we say we learnt about maintaining a determined teaching focus on the student experience? Through upheaval and disruption, what are the fundamentals that remain consistent? As highlighted in the SWiRL/TWiRL report, what's the emerging narrative that speaks to an ANU Education Rejuvenation?

With so many questions in front of us, it's time to engage with some of our local thought leaders (staff and students) on the topic of 'student experiences' in higher education at ANU.

Our panel members are drawn from different corners of the ANU community. They all have experience transitioning to remote learning in semester one, and have a wealth of anecdotes, reflections, and questions for us to ponder and deconstruct.

  • Dr Jason Mazanov (Evaluations, Planning & Performance Measurement)
  • Dr Cassandra Steer (ANU College of Law)
  • Mr Utsav Gupta (PARSA)
  • Mr Skanda Panditharatne (ANUSA)

There will be opportunities for you to share your voice through a Q&A session with the panellists, after all, what's a Lunch Vox without hearing from everyone? Reserve your seat at the table now and join the conversation!

The event will run for one hour.