ACLF Big Picture Series - Global public health & COVID-19

The ANU Crawford Leadership Forum presents the Big Picture Series: Australia in a COVID-19 world

Global public health  & COVID-19 

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed significant weaknesses in both national public health systems and in international institutions like the World Health Organization. Rich nations with deep medical expertise have in some cases fared no better than middle- and lower-income countries. 

  • What lessons do we need to learn from the pandemic and what must be done to ensure we are better prepared next time?  
  • Will the economic impact of the pandemic prevent much needed investment in public health systems, especially in poor countries?  
  • The pandemic has also overshadowed other diseases that cause millions of deaths every year, like malaria, tuberculosis, cancer, heart disease and mental health.  
  • How will the pandemic change the way these and other global health challenges are met? 
  • Is the pandemic an opportunity to focus on the health of the whole population? 

Join these eminent experts for a live panel discussion and Q&A on the future of global public health in a COVID-19 world. 

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