ACLF Big Picture Series - Australia, climate change & the pandemic

The ANU Crawford Leadership Forum presents the Big Picture Series: Australia in a COVID-19 world

Australia, climate change & the pandemic 

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With governments around the world still deep in the struggle against COVID 19, there has been little time for issues that dominated policy debates before the pandemic.  

  • But is COVID-19 an opportunity to refocus attention on climate change, another grave global threat to humankind?  
  • What does the climate change policy discussion in Australia look like in a COVID-19 world? 
  • Is an investment-led "green recovery", especially in renewable energy, a way of spending Australia out of recession?  
  • Or will the economic shock from the pandemic stall much-needed investment in decarbonization?  
  • Is the pandemic also an opportunity to "build back better" to increase Australia's resilience to climate effects?   

Join our panel of policy makers and business leaders in a live panel discussion and Q&A to chart a way forward for Australia on climate action in a COVID-19 world.

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