A Night with the Pacific Climate Warriors

After 20 years of lobbying for international political action, a group of Climate Warriors from 13 Pacific Islands are travelling to Australia to raise awareness of the Australian fossil fuel industry’s role in promoting the destruction of their homes.

They are reaching out to Australians to join them in the fight to stop climate change at its source.

They bring with them an important message: 'the Australian fossil fuel industry, with the support of our governments and big lenders, are planning to build gigantic new coal mines that would double Australia’s coal exports. This fuels climate change, it fuels the destruction of Pacific.'

The Warriors are here to fight peacefully for their future.

This free event will be part story-telling, part performance and a call to action brought to you by 350.org, ANU Pasifika and the Micronesian & Australian Friends Association.

Come along to support the Pacific Climate Warriors, hear their stories and how you can stand in solidarity the Pacific.

We hope you’ll join us and be inspired by the Warriors determination to fight for their future, for all of our futures!