A foreign policy for middle class America

America’s middle class has found itself under siege in recent years from globalisation, technological change, budget cuts and, now, crushing economic damage from the COVID-19 pandemic. These pressures have had profound domestic social and political consequences and fuelled renewed debate about America’s role in a fast-changing world. So how should US foreign policy support the aspirations of a middle class in crisis and what would this mean for US global leadership under a new Biden Administration? What are the implications for Australia? And is our own middle class playing a similarly influential role in shaping Australian foreign policy?

Join Rozlyn Engel, co-editor of a new Carnegie Endowment study on Making US Foreign Policy Work Better for the Middle Class, and the Australian National University’s Darren Lim for a fascinating discussion on how decades of foreign policy orthodoxy are being challenged by the collision between globalisation and middle class interests.

This session will be open to the public, however registration is required for access.

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