3Ai Drop-in session: a year in review

Presented by ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

Drop-In Poster Session - a year in review

Join us as we celebrate the first anniversary of the 3A Institute (3Ai).

The 3Ai team will be hosting an afternoon tea and drop-in poster session charting the journey towards a new applied science. Feel free to drop in, have a chat, find out more, and get involved. There might be activities, and there will definitely be cake.

Note on Location: N224 Computer Systems Area is located on Level 2 of the CSIT Building #18, 108 North Road, Acton ACT. Please make your way to Level 2, where there will be signs to direct you to the event.

Don't miss the main event! You can register for Professor Bell's anniversary lecture after the drop-in session here.

The 3A Institute

IoT turbo-charged by AI, advanced robotics, automated vehicles incorporating sensing data with other datasets, powerful big data analytics like machine learning driving automated decision-making.

However you choose to paint the picture, the collection of technologies we are currently calling artificial intelligence (AI) is heralding the next industrial revolution. Some of these tools are new, some have been refined over preceding decades. However, we are now seeing their rapid convergence into systems - cyber-physical systems - that will have an unprecedented impact on humanity through deep economic, social and cultural shifts.

To face these challenges head-on, the ANU created the Innovation Institutes framework. 12 months ago, Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell founded the 3A Institute - the first of the Innovation Institutes - with the mission of creating a new applied science in an accelerated timeframe.

Through the vehicle of the 3A Institute, the ANU will ultimately educate a new cohort of people who can critically examine and manage technological constellations - these cyber-physical systems - through the life-cycle from design to deployment to de-commissioning.

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