2019 Jack Smart Lecture with Frances Kamm

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

In the last part of volume 3 of On What Matters, Derek Parfit argues against the moral relevance of such deontological distinctions as harming versus not aiding, harming persons as a mere means versus as a side effect, and others. He also tries to reconcile concerns about self-sacrifice, pursuing the greater good, and morality.

Frances Kamm will consider how he argues for his conclusions and whether his arguments succeed.

Professor Frances Kamm is one of the most innovative and influential moral philosophers in the world. She is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers, where she holds the Henry Rutgers University Professorship in Philosophy. Her many books include Morality/Mortality, Volumes I and II, Intricate Ethics, Ethics for Enemies, Bioethical Prescriptions, and the Trolley Problem Mysteries.

She has given the Tanner Lectures on Human Values, and the Uehiro Practical Ethics lectures, and published many articles in the profession's leading journals, many of which, along with her books, have shaped how contemporary moral philosophers understand normative and practical ethics in general, and nonconsequentialist ethics in particular. 

The Jack Smart lecture is the flagship annual event of the School of Philosophy at the ANU. All are welcome.