2019 Conference on Applied Modelling in Acute Care

Presented by ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

The College of Health and Medicine and the College of Computer Science and Engineering are hosting the Applied Modelling in Acute Care Conference in 2019.

Conference themes

  • Cross-fertilization between systems biology and lumped parameter models around specific clinical and educational applications.
  • Toward a well-documented, user-friendly set of lumped parameter models of cardiorespiratory physiology.

Better understanding of the pathophysiology of shock and coagulopathy has transformed the management of severe acute bleeding in recent years.  Similarly, there are new insights in the treatment of in-hospital and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.  New systems of care are proposed by the American Heart Association and others.

Yet, mortality and morbidity are still high and further improvements in individual patient care require precision medicine strategies and predictive models that extend the current approaches of evidence based medicine. 

In this context, the 2019 AMAC conference aims to promote cross-fertilization between experts in systems biology and in organ based modeling, to develop clinical and education-oriented applications. Development of open-access, open-source, organ based models of physiology will be discussed.  The focus will be on cardiorespiratory physiology.

Visit the conference website for more information.