Making wellbeing a priority

In addition to a focus on personal hygiene and other sensible precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is important we continue to care for all aspects of ourselves, our health and our wellbeing whether we are at home or returning to campus.

Wellbeing is about a whole person and a whole situation and is often described as being made up of 5 key areas: physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual. To support overall wellbeing then, is to consider our needs in each of these areas and in relation to work, research, study and home.

Click on the links below for more details and links to further resources on each of the topics to support your wellbeing. A specific section for wellbeing during our return to campus, as well as for parents and carers is also included recognising that parents and carers may need additional support during this time.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please email for additional information or support.

Physical Wellbeing

  • setting up a comfortable, ergonomic work/study space at home to prevent pain or injury 
  • keep that body moving - benefits of regular movement in your work or study times
  • finding your 30 - tips for regular exercise during isolation
  • eating well
  • how to get a good night's sleep

Mental Wellbeing

  • finding routines that work
  • cultivating mindfulness
  • finding contentment and joy
  • practicing gratitude
  • maintaining mental fitness
  • managing feelings of worry and anxiety
  • staving off "cabin fever"

Social Wellbeing

  • staying connected with work, friends and family
  • managing shared living
  • managing conflict - at work and home
  • opportunities for giving
  • participating in communities
  • staying informed without being overwhelmed

Financial wellbeing

  • writing a budget
  • consider your savings during COVID-19
  • community giving programs
  • financial assistance

Spiritual Wellbeing

  • connection to self, others and the environment around us
  • engaging with spiritual or religious practices and communities
  • finding and maintaining purpose and meaning.

Resources for parents and carers

  • balancing caring, working and self-care
  • ANU Parents and Carers Wattle Site
  • tips from parents in our community
  • tips for talking to children about current event
  • webinar - Dr Liana Leach and working from home with caring responsibilities

Wellbeing during our return to campus

  • Consider getting a flu shot
  • Stay informed  
  • Set your morning alarm  
  • Start "commuting"  
  • Make a clear plan for the week of your return to campus  
  • Set aside some extra self-care and rest time  
  • Notice your emotions  
  • Practice gratitude  
  • Consider downloading the COVIDSafe App 
  • Reach out if you need support.