Returning to campus – what you need to do as a supervisor or manager

To ensure that the re-start of campus activities is well managed, safe and consistent with University guidelines and protocols, it is important you follow these steps when considering re-starting your activities on campus.

You can view the framework for our COVID campus here.

Are you considering returning to campus, continuing to work from home or a hybrid model?

While the University campus has reopened for staff, to support the prevention of community transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses during the winter season, staff and supervisors are encouraged to consider flexibility in the work place, and determine whether a return to campus is necessary at this point in time.

Staff who enter into a flexibility agreement are required to submit an approved Individual Flexibility Agreement to record their hours and commitments. Staff working from home must also complete a Home Based Work form to assess their home based workstation arrangements and provide to their supervisor and local area delegate for approval to finalise their arrangement. We encourage you to read our comprehensive fact sheet about flexible work arrangements and our return to campus.

All Return to Campus protocols and guidelines can be found on our Return to Campus page.

Review the guidelines

While considering a return to campus, guidelines are available to provide information for your plan. The Guidelines have been developed to describe the essential requirements, standards and shared responsibilities for conducting teaching, research and administration at ANU, in response to COVID-19. The Guidelines are applicable to all ANU staff and students.


Begin to develop a plan

You will need to develop a plan for a safe, clear and staged approach to re-starting your team’s activities. The plan should include details and arrangements for staff that will be returning to campus and for those staff that will continue working from home.

Please follow the relevant guidelines to ensure you consider important components of your planning including compliance with protocols, dependencies, communications, training and cleaning requirements.

If you need assistance when developing your plan, please contact Matt Talbot at 


Complete a risk assessment

Your plan needs to be accompanied by a risk assessment for COVID-19 related hazards and risks associated with returning to campus.

Please follow the relevant template below.


Review and Complete Protocols

The Protocol document is a summary of the key elements noted with the Guidelines. Your plan needs to be accompanied by an action checklist, detailing all actions that need to be undertaken to ensure a safe and compliant return.

Please follow the relevant template below.


Gain approval

You must submit your return to campus plan, accompanied by your risk assessment and action checklist, to your Dean, Director or Portfolio Head for approval. In some cases the plans will need to be approved by managers and supervisors prior to being submitted to the Dean, Director or Portfolio Head, please confirm these requirements with your College, Service Division or Portfolio.


Submit plan to Return to Campus Task Force

Once your plan has been approved by your Dean, Director or Portfolio Head, you need to submit it to the Return to Campus Task Force via email:


Monitor and review practices regularly

Part of the planning process is to identify what you are going to do to regularly check that your plan is working and that your return is safe, and compliant with Guidelines. By regularly monitoring your plan against staff actions and other factors, you can identify what is working, and what changes need to be made.

This process should occur regularly and Guidelines should be checked regularly as they will be updated based on new information and requirements, as set out by the Government.