Remote examinations

We are going to hold remote examinations instead of on campus examinations this semester.  

To ensure that the examinations are safe, secure, transparent and valid, the University will use Proctorio to invigilate exams remotely. 

Recently, concerns have been raised by students about the use of Proctorio.  These include data security and protection, surveillance capabilities, privacy and personal information disclosure. 

We want to assure our students that the safety of our community remains paramount. 

The University's Information Security Office has conducted ongoing assessments to address the specific concerns of our students, and the latest findings can be found here. 

The University has completed a Privacy Impact Assessment and has provided additional information on Proctorio and privacy here.

It is important to consider that many universities have used Proctorio, and that Proctorio complies with numerous privacy regulations/certifications, including GDPR, FERPA, SPC, CSPC and COPPA.