Campus alert system

Current alert level

Our current campus alert level is amber - MEDIUM risk.

The COVID-safe campus alert system has been established to clarify ANU control practices to be activated as the COVID-19 situation changes in Australia, the ACT and other jurisdictions as appropriate. This will ensure the University will continue to operate in a COVID-safe manner despite changing circumstances.

The various risk levels including triggers for escalating risk, are detailed below. The local risk assessment should inform any additional measures to the jurisdictional mandates that may be required.

Any movement within these risk levels will be determined by local COVID-19 conditions and the risk to our campus. You will be alerted immediately via an approved ANU channel when there is a change in our level.

Appendix B to the University COVID-19 Guidelines

High risk = major outbreak. Lockdown called. Medium risk = Increase in community transmission of COVID-19. Extra public health measures as determined by relevant Chief Health Officer. COVID-Normal = baseline level of COVID-19. General safety measures.

Remote campuses 

ANU campuses located outside the ACT should follow their jurisdiction's health restrictions. They should also create their own plan for safe work, in the same way local areas in the ACT have done. 

Further information on implementation of ventilation strategies and other COVID-19 safety measures on remote campuses will be provided in December 2021.