Research staff - supporting your Honours and Masters students with a research component

Change to project scope

If the research has been impacted by the current crisis (for example, due to inaccessibility of libraries and collections, closure of fieldwork sites, inability to conduct interviews and closure of laboratories), consider the following: 

  1. Please discuss with your student whether the project can be re-scoped in some way. For example, could comparable work be done remotely by adopting a more theoretical perspective?  
  1. If a re-scoping of the project does not seem feasible, help the student find a suitable alternative project. 
  1. If the research project cannot be replaced or adjusted, the School will consider alternative assessment criteria. 

 A more complete guide intended for the student can be found here. 

Change to study load

If alternative assessment criteria cannot be established, students should discuss with their supervisor other options, including deferring to semester 2 or reducing their study load. For example, a reduction to 18 units per semester is still considered a full-time study load at ANU.  Students could also enroll in semester 2 at 18 units, with most of the more intense load towards the end of year (i.e. anticipating there will be at least limited work back on campus sometime in second semester). The final 12 units could be completed over the Spring or Summer session, with submission at the end of January or in February 2021. Students on scholarships should check the Conditions of Award of their scholarship before making a decision.