Frequently asked questions about teaching in 2022

What capacity restrictions apply to teaching spaces in Semester 1?

ACT Health have approved our COVID safety plan for operating at 100 per cent capacity in teaching and learning spaces. 

How can I help students understand our plans for a safe return to the classroom and their role in it?

Engage your students in discussions about our plans for COVID safety on campus, including what their responsibilities are under the plan, and allow them to ask questions and raise concerns.

You may also like to direct them to the COVID safety on campus section of this webpage for more information.

What about semester two?

Final confirmation of teaching delivery for semester two will reflect official advice at that time.

Currently, we are planning for semester two classes to be offered on campus and attendance to be in-person except where a decision has been made at a College level to offer online enrolment in a specific program of study.

Convenors are free to retain elements of blended or flipped learning in their courses as appropriate and especially where feedback indicates such activities benefit the overall learning experience.

What if a course cannot transfer to remote delivery?

We know from experience that some courses are difficult or impossible to deliver remotely and we expect convenors of such courses to plan for different contingencies, including the delay, deferral and/or intensive delivery of such courses.

In limited exceptional cases, the relevant Associate Dean Education (ADE) may approve 'in-person delivery only' for a course. ADEs should confirm any such courses well in advance of the start of the teaching semester. Where this occurs, it must be clearly communicated to students at the start of the semester and must not prevent students from completing their program.

Will there be support for dual delivery?

The University has been undertaking significant room upgrades to enhance dual delivery capacity.

Support is now available to help convenors familiarise themselves with the new technology in those rooms ahead of the start of semester one. We encourage course convenors to discuss their specific needs with their timetabling contacts to ensure they are assigned an appropriate teaching space.

What advice can you provide around preparing for remote participation?

Given the past two years, most convenors will have considerable experience delivering courses where some or all of the students participate remotely.

If you wish to discuss new approaches to remote participation or enhance your current dual delivery practices, we encourage you to seek support from within your Colleges and from the Centre for Learning and Teaching. We have refined remote delivery over the past couple of years, so take the time to find out what's working well.

What is the University doing about air quality in lecture rooms?

The University is implementing various strategies to improve ventilation and mitigate the risk of COVID-19. You can read more about the four strategies being implemented here and a breakdown of which strategies will be implemented in each teaching space on campus is available here.