ACT Health quarantine in ANU apartments

At the request of the ACT and Federal governments, ANU apartments on Liversidge Street at our Acton campus are being used for ACT quarantine purposes.

Frequently asked questions

For how long do you expect individuals in quarantine to be located at the ANU Apartments on Liversidge Street?

We'll make this accommodation available for the safe quarantining of individuals and groups on an ongoing basis at the request of the ACT and Commonwealth governments.  

What are the logistical arrangements and COVID-safe protocols for transporting the individuals to the ANU Apartments on Liversidge Street?  

This is ACT Health's responsibility. They will be using their standard operating procedures. 

Who will operate the quarantine at the ANU Apartments on Liversidge Street? 

ACT Health, with security provided by the ACT Police. ACT Health will provide support to quarantine individuals on an ongoing basis.  

Who will look after the individuals in quarantine? How will they get things like food and clean clothes and sheets?  

The apartments are fully self-contained, including kitchen, laundry, cleaning facilities and spare linen.  ACT Health will facilitate grocery deliveries and assist with the individuals' needs, and will closely monitor their health and wellbeing.  The rooms will be cleaned when quarantine is finished, on the advice of ACT Health.   

ACT Health's wellbeing team, which includes social workers and psychologists, will be available for those in quarantine to provide mental health and wellbeing support if required. 

Will ANU staff interact with the individuals in quarantine? 

No. Only ACT Health staff will interact with them. 

Will all quarantine staff and the quarantining individuals have access to sufficient and appropriate personal protective equipment?  

Yes. This is ACT Health's responsibility. 

Who will ensure COVID-safe measures are being followed?  

This is ACT Health's responsibility.