Supervising remote teams

The Community Wellbeing Team has produced a webinar focused on Supervising Remote Teams.

Panelists, Claire Shrewsbury, Associate Director, Culture and Development, Division of Human Resources and Lisa Buckley, Senior Advisor, Division of Human Resources discuss:

  • The common myths and challenges associated with remote work;
  • Eight strategies to manage remote teams; and
  • Practical ways to foster social connection and run great virtual meetings.

Effectively supervising remote teams

A copy of the slides can be downloaded here.

The Community Wellbeing Team is also in the process of producing other webinars for the ANU Community to be released over the coming weeks.

  • Wellbeing and Working from Home - Staff
  • Working from Home with caring responsibilities - Staff
  • Wellbeing and Studying Remotely – Students

If you have feedback on the webinar, questions, or suggestions for wellbeing initiatives please email