Adapting how we work

Information about flexibility and home-based work, leave polices, our Take a Break campaign and more.

Please contact if you are isolating, have been tested, or have a confirmed positive result for COVID-19.

Support and guidelines for working at home

ANU will be flexible and understanding of a variety of circumstances. Effective Tuesday 2 June 2020, the University commenced a staged reopening of campus and currently the University is open to all staff and students with restrictions in place. All staff are required to return to 100% of their normal working hours, regardless of the location of their work. However, staff are encouraged to discuss their work pattern and arrangements with the supervisor and enter into an individual flexibility agreement to support their current situation. We are relying on the sense and empathy of supervisors to make decisions about how we can keep people engaged in work.

Staff members unable to work their full work hours should contact their supervisor to discuss appropriate leave arrangements.

If you become unwell, you can take personal (sick) leave as normal. If your illness is related to COVID-19, you will have access to leave provisions as outlined in the COVID-19 Leave Guidelines.

For those staff who are continuing to work from home: if it is not safe to work from home, for instance, if there is domestic violence at home, please talk with your supervisor and seek advice from the Community Wellbeing team on working from an alternate location. The Community Wellbeing team will discretely and confidentially discuss your personal circumstances. There are also other resources and services in place, details of which can be found on the Staff Wellbeing page.

Flexibility and Home Based Work

Staff who enter into a flexibility agreement are required to submit approved Individual Flexibility Agreement to record their hours and commitments, and a Home Based Work form to assess their home based workstation arrangements to their supervisor and local area delegate for approval to finalise their arrangement.

We encourage you to read our comprehensive fact sheet about flexible work arrangements and our return to campus.

Setting up your home office

Read more information about how you can set up your office at home.

Leave policies

A fact sheet on the University's personal leave policy, and how it relates to COVID-19, can be found here.

Take a Break Campaign

'Take a Break' is a new initiative to encourage staff in taking time away from work to rest, refresh and recuperate. While there is much to do as the University continues to adapt and adjust to teaching and research during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is really important for all staff to take a break and plan annual or long service leave (or both).

We often plan our leave in blocks of time, but that is not the only way we can plan and take our breaks. A week, a few days in a row, the occasional long weekend or adding some days to a forthcoming long weekend or taking a day or two of leave at intervals over an extended period are all options.  Both mini-breaks and longer breaks can make a big difference to each of us and how we manage our wellbeing.

If taking leave seems impossible at the moment, please talk to your manager about how you could plan a break in the coming weeks and months- even just a few days. 

There will be a way that you can have an opportunity to rest and recharge while supporting and continuing to meet yours and your team's obligations and commitments.

Supervising remote teams

We have put together some resources on how to effectively supervise a remote team.

Key contacts

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