Adapting how we work

The University has moved to working remotely and we are supporting our community to transition to these new arrangements.

Please fill in this e-form to give us up-to-date information on your current health, travel and work situation. The information will be kept private and will assist our teams to support you as circumstances change. 


As we return to campus, there will be continuing conversations about flexibility.

You can read more information about our approach to flexibility.

Support and guidelines for working at home

All staff must work from home unless they are regarded as essential. We understand that there may be a period of adjustment as we transition to this way of working. We ask your patience as we make this transition. Please go through the WEG checklist that enables staff to work safely from home. If you need any further advice regarding the checklist, please contact

ANU will be flexible and understanding of a variety of circumstances. If you can work at least 25 hours of a 35 hour week (pro-rated at 70% for part time staff), this will be deemed a full working week for pay purposes. Hours may be spread out across the week. We are relying on the sense and empathy of supervisors to make decisions about how we can keep people engaged in work. 

Staff members unable to work at least 70% of their work hours from home, should contact their supervisor and community wellbeing team to discuss appropriate leave arrangements. 

If you become unwell, there should be no expectation that you have to work at home. You can take personal (sick) leave as normal. If your illness is related to COVID-19, you will have access to leave provisions as outlined in the COVID-19 Leave Guidelines. 

If it is not safe to work from home, for instance, if there is domestic violence at home, please talk with your supervisor and seek advice from the Community Wellbeing team on working from an alternate location. The Community Wellbeing team will discreetly and confidentially discuss your personal circumstances. There are also other resources and services in place, details of which can be found on the Staff wellbeing page

Skills Exchange at ANU

'Skills Exchange at ANU' is a new program which will allow staff to temporarily support other areas of the University, where there is an identified match for skills and capacity. The program is an exciting opportunity for us to learn and try new things as well as harnessing the diversity of skills and knowledge across our community to support the University in continuing to deliver world-class education and research.

Setting up your home office

Read more information about how you can set up your office at home.

Leave policies

A factsheet of the University's personal leave policy, and how it relates to COVID-19, can be found here.

The University has implemented arrangements until the end of semester one 2020 to support our casual and sessional staff. If you are unable to work for reasons including building or campus closures, having returned from overseas on University travel and needing to self-isolate, or being diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be paid for the hours you were due to work. There is more detail about support and payments here.

Supervising remote teams

We have put together some resources on how to effectively supervise a remote team.

Key contacts

The following sources of further advice might be useful: