Josephine Janssen (BA, BBA ’17)

21 April 2020

Josephine is the Chair of the Women's Alumni Network. 

Originally from Sydney, Josephine decided to leave her comfort zone and begin a new adventure by studying at ANU. "I wanted to attend ANU for its excellent education system and its opportunities to learn and grow. Coming from a large metropolitan city I was looking for something that felt more like a community and a home which fortunately is exactly what I found".

Her adventure lead her to study psychology and management. "It was just the right combination for me! Understanding the behaviour of individuals and groups can help give context to our relationships, the workplace and even international affairs. When we understand where someone is coming from we are better equipped to work together to find a solution".

Currently working as a management consultant, Josephine works with clients to prepare and undergo workplace transformations whilst ensuring true change is embedded and sustained by the people. Being early on in her career means she is continuing to learn every single day. "There are improvements being made in psychology each day. It's interesting to see the tensions arising due to technological advancements and what that means for the workforce. Similar to advancements in gender equality, society must be willing to adapt to change and view it as an opportunity to grow and better itself as opposed to something to be frightened of just because it's different."

The highlight of Josephine's career thus far has been making an impact on her community by volunteering her time to projects that support gender equality initiatives including working with Canberra YWCA, interning with the National Council of Women of Australia and establishing the ANU Women's Alumni Network. "My passion lies in advocating for gender equality and although there is a lot of work still to be done I believe you should never give up on what you believe in and don't let perfectionism stand in the way of progress". Having felt the pressure to impress as a new graduate, Josephine also advocates for more flexible working conditions, particularly for the chronically ill and supports the importance of taking care of your health and wellbeing.

"The field in which I work is heavily female dominated, perhaps because many women are drawn to work in areas that place importance on communication and relationships. I'm fortunate enough to have many incredible senior women to aspire to. However, true equality means women and men should be found in all industries across the board. I hope that as women strive to gain equality in other areas such as STEM, defence and politics, we also endeavour to increase men's contribution to areas such as education, healthcare, child rearing and caring for aging parents because only a wholistic approach will create equality for all".

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