Updates from the ANU Indigenous Alumni Network

2 November 2016

The aims of the ANU Indigenous Alumni Network will evolve over the coming years as we establish and grow our membership, including our committee membership.

We invite all ANU Indigenous alumni to join our alumni network and we encourage you all to get in contact if you can spare the time to get involved in the ongoing development and management of our alumni.

Importantly, we ask all members to update your contact details via the ANU Alumni Relations team or Dave Johnston. If you're still in contact with former student colleagues please ask them to get in contact with us.

Initially, our aims are:

  • To seek out former Indigenous student colleagues and invite them to join our alumni network;
  • Hold an annual alumni lecture and dinner to promote networking and collaboration between members;
  • Offer advice and leadership to the current students of the Tjabal Centre and its administration;
  • Promote the expertise of our alumni and recognise and highlight their achievements;
  • Offer the expertise of our alumni membership to the ANU to inform best practice for our Indigenous students, researchers and community partners, e.g. ethical research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, employment of Indigenous researchers, curriculum development and high standards of ethical community engagement.

Over the next twelve months:

  • search for and enlist our alumni members;
  • update our alumni members' contact email list (we will be attempting to contact members individually to update contact lists);
  • seek alumni members assistance to join our organising committee to help run our Alumni (all volunteers welcome);
  • establish an organising committee for our 2017 alumni dinner;
  • seek year representatives if we have the numbers;
  • Develop a photographic data base record of our alumni's time at ANU (ANU Heritage have offered to assist us to collate and develop a permanent photographic display and record of our members time at ANU - we need members to email us their chosen ANU photo's please)


Yours in culture!

ANU Indigenous Alumni Network founding members
Dave Johnston (BA (Hons) '90), Dr Valerie Cooms (BA '94, PhD '15), Robyn Bancroft (BA '94), Dr Ron Heron (BA '90) Gary Lee (BA (Hons) '91), Sam Wickman (BA (Hons) '93), Rhonda Ramsay (nee Wie) (BA '91) Mark Dugay-Grist (BA (Hons) '96), Kellie Pollard (BA '01) Dr Ray Lovett (MAppEpid '06, PhD '13)


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