Regional alumni hubs to increase global volunteering

12 December 2014

In the last year, Alumni Relations have conducted extensive consultations with the global alumni community to understand how ANU can increase engagement with alumni living outside Canberra, and to learn about how alumni want to engage with each other and the University.

You told us you want to interact more frequently with each other and ANU, that peer to peer engagement is what you feel works best, and provided feedback and ideas about the way the University could structure its engagement. 

Almost 20% of alumni live overseas, and amongst the five largest international alumni communities are Greater China, North America, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. While there is active volunteer leadership in North America (and the North America Alumni Association), Melbourne, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong, you’ve told us you’d like to see ANU with a global and regional approach to connecting alumni to each other and to ANU.

Through consultations with alumni in Australia and internationally in the last two years, you told us:

  • You want to feel connected to the ANU community wherever you are and engage in meaningful ways (volunteering, education and career programs, mentoring and advocacy).
  • You’re global – you’re constantly travelling regionally, internationally and traditional country or city alumni groups don’t work for you.
  • You want to connect with the ANU alumni community world-wide, not just in the city you live.
  • You’d like more peer to peer engagement and communication, programs and networking made available online or virtually.
  • You’d like to see ANU representatives in your cities and countries at least once a year, if not more frequently, and be engaged with intellectual content as well as regular University updates.

Alumni communities across Asia, North America and Australia conceptualised the ANU Alumni Regional Hub model which, once fully implemented by 2016, involves alumni providing leadership and mentoring support to other alumni and students through country and city networks.

What is a Regional Alumni Hub?

The ANU Regional Alumni Hubs – there’ll be seven once fully developed – are comprised of alumni volunteers in leadership and administrative roles who support, advise and mentor ANU alumni networks. The structure underneath each of the Hubs is city or country networks with a population of at least 150.

Alumni Relations work with volunteers at the Hub level only, to partner on implementing a country or city plan for alumni engagement.  The Alumni Hub model is alumni led and implemented.

Some of the activities coordinated across the region might include:

  • Alumni programs focused on careers and employment, for example providing internships or mentoring.
  • Being points of contact for visiting alumni, students or ANU staff.
  • Identifying and nominating candidates for the ANU Alumni Awards.
  • ANU ambassadorial activities in a city or country, including supporting student recruitment.
  • Organising events including career networking, dinners, reunions or lectures for visiting academic staff.

Where will the Regional Alumni Hubs be formed?

In the next two years, ANU Regional Alumni Hubs will be established in:

  • The Americas.
  • Asia - Greater China, South East Asia, East Asia and Central & South Asia.
  • Australia.
  • The United Kingdom/Europe.
  • Middle East and Africa.
  • NZ and the Pacific.

Can I be involved in establishing a Hub?

Alumni will be invited to become active in the strategic formulation of the Hub in their region.  Planning and information sessions will be held in China, South East Asia, Australia and the UK in the first half of 2015.

What happens to existing alumni networks?

Networks already operating in a city or country will become part of a hub. 

Next steps?

Alumni Relations looks forward to informing you more about the Regional Alumni Hubs in early 2015. For further information or to express your interest in developing a hub, contact the Alumni Relations Team by email

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