Photomedia studies teach you about yourself

19 December 2014

Luis Power says his biggest education experience at ANU has been learning about himself.

“I have become a lot more aware of the world, I was so naïve,” says Luis, who graduates this week from a double degree in Visual Arts (Photomedia) and Arts (Film Studies).

“University has taught me to question everything and see other perspectives, and not take the status quo as correct.”

For his final photomedia portfolio Luis asked what would remain if humans became extinct, in a series of dark, ambiguous, large-scale artworks.

“If you searched for meaning in what we have created as a species, I think mankind would be found wanting,” says Luis.

Coming to ANU was a big contrast with high school, he says.

“Suddenly I was in with 15 students who really wanted to be there and worked from 7am to 10 at night. It’s been an incredible environment.”

The double degree gave Luis a broader perspective, he says.

“It opened me up to vastly different, yet related areas, which gave me a lot more context.”

As well as the theoretical studies, Luis says his degree has given him a lot of practical skills.

“We have learnt how to engage with gallery owners and museum directors,” he says.

“There have been opportunities to work with a lot of people outside the School of Art. For example, I was involved in a collaboration with the National Museum.”

Luis now plans to work in freelance photomedia and 3D visualisation work before studying cinematography overseas.

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